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An unused copy with a blank back.
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Song Back 7

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Song Back 8

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Note the text “(The Pall Mall Magazine, December 1898) below Bobs.

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Below, the front of the cover, mailed from Uxbridge, Ontario to Detroit Michigan, March 1, 1900.
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WLS-E07 Type I Uses
Examples using the WLS-E07 Type I design.
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This J.C. Wilson What We Have We’ll Hold Type I E-2 cover, was mailed from Nova Scotia with a postmark dated July 13, 1900, to Mrs. O.J. Harris, Columbia, S.C. USA, with a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp. The back bears a Yarmouth July 13 cancel, and a Columbia July 15 cancel.
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This J.C. Wilson What We Have We’ll Hold Type I, was mailed from Almonte, Ontario with a postmark dated January 4, 1902, to The Review of Reviews Co. in New York, with a 2¢ Map stamp. The cover also bears a rubber stamp of the sender, L.W. Shipman, Almonte, and a Ango-Saxon sticker.
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A 2¢ Jubilee used with a Montreal Flag cancel dated January 15, 1901, to Burger & Co., New York.
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An example used from St. Louis, MO to Detroit , Michigan, postmarked November 12, 1899.

Other Interesting Uses

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This J.C. Wilson What We Have We’ll Hold Type I cover, was mailed from St. John’s Newfoundland with a postmark dated February 13, 1900, to Messrs Scholifield Goodman & Sons, Birmingham, England, with a 2¢ King Edward VII as Prince of Wales stamp, no. 82, issued in 1898.