WLS-P03 Type II (winking lion)
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Above, WLS-P03 Type II P-4, not postally used, showing Imprint Type C "Entered According to Act of the Parliament of Canada in the year 1898 by J. C. Wilson & Co., Montreal, at the Department of Agriculture" in small capital letters used on one line. The card shows Stamp Box type 4.
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Above, WLS-P03 Type II P-5, but with a card stock that is prone to a darker tone, and with a yellow ink in lieu of the buff coloured ink used for the lion and Britannia on other varieties.

WLS-P03 Type II⏐Business Use

A number of businesses chose to use J.C. Wilson’s patriotic postcards for their business use. Below are examples using the WLS-P03 Type II design.
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A business use by Ayre & Sons of St. John’s Newfoundland.

This card is ex. the collections of Gates and Banfield.
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A business use by Peterborough-based W. Kelsey Hall, a part time dealer in postage stamps. The card bears a faint “We want good roads” rubber stamp on the front of the postcard, which he was known to affix to his postcards. W. Kelsey Hall was considered to have one of the finer philatelic holdings in Canada in the 1890s.  He began collecting in the mid-1880s and specialized in postmarks in addition to a holding of some 10,000 coins, many of which he picked up at auctions. He became a dealer in the mid-1890s.
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A postcard used by Oshawa’s Presbyterian Church, used in 1906 to Leith, Scotland.
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The back of this card, above, shows printed text advertising The People’s Tailor on Brock Street in Whitby, Ontario, dated January 1, 1901.
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A card used by A.A. Robinson of Sutton, Quebec. The back of the card shows a blank price list for the company’s products.
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A calling card card used by T.B. Barker & Sons, wholesale druggists, St. John, N.B., dated September 21, 1898.
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WLS-P03 Type II⏐Other Interesting Uses

Examples of other interesting WLS-P03 Type II design postcards.
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This J.C. Wilson patriotic shows a business use by Ayre & Sons of St. John’s Newfoundland. Use of J.C. Wilson postcards within and from Newfoundland are scarce.

This card is ex. the collections of Gates and Banfield.
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This WLS-P03 Type II Rule Britannia postcard bears a 2¢ Map stamp, no. 86b, the deep blue variety. R.B. Winmill’s 1982 book “The Evolution of Imperial Penny Postage and Postal History of the Canadian 1898 Map Stamp” discusses this postal issue in detail and provides a number of examples of the Map Stamp used on J. C. WIlson patriotics.

The card was sent from Vancouver, postmarked May 1, 1899, to Holland, with a Groningen receiver. J.C. Wilson patriotics are less commonly found used from western Canada.