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This Sam Richey patriotic cover is a contemporary to the J.C. Wilson Boer War series, and was itself used during the Boer War. The text on the cover reads:

Soldiers of the Queen
1899 1900
What We Have We’ll Hold
Canadian Contingent
South African War
Registered for Canada, Jan. 17, 1900
Sam J. Richey , St. John, N. B.

The cover, used by Private David M. McKibbin, a 2nd Contingent, ’A’ Squadron, CMR (Canadian Mounted Rifles) soldier from Capetown to his mother, Mrs. M.E. McKibbin of 135 Huron Street, Stratford, Ontario on April 10, 1900, was marked as postage due. This cover was part of the late William G. Robinson’s collection. In his exhibit, Robinson wrote that Private McKibbin “enlisted in the Royal Canadian Dragoons from the Governor General’s Bodyguard, and was awarded the Queen’s South African Medal with Orange Free State and Cape Colony Clasps.

This Battalion was camped at Stellenbosch, near Capetown, from April 4 to 10, 1900. This letter received the G.P.O. Capetown circular date stamp at 12:30 P.M. on April 10, 1900”. He also writes “Note the Contingent Stationery and the unused space for the Officer Commanding’s signature”.

The cover back is shown below, with a Hamilton, Ontario transit mark dated May 7, 1900.

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Above, a second example of a Richey cover used from the Boer War to Canada, mailed from G.P.O. Capetown on March 27, 1900 to Ottawa, with an April 28 receiver on the reverse.
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Another example of a Sam Richey “Soldiers of the Queen Canadian Contingent” cover. This one has not been used by a soldier in the Boer War, but appears to be a locally released variation with the text added “Used by the Soldiers in South Africa As Supplied By The Canadian Government”. This copy is a colour printing, unlike the black & white printing posted from actual use in South Africa.
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There are additional uses of the design by Richey on other Boer War material, including an award/merit silk ribbon with stick pin for soldiers in the war, shown below.

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An example of a J.C. Wilson patriotic Maple Leaf For Ever Type II envelope with a cut out of the Richey design added the the envelope face is shown above.

Below, the reverse of the cover.
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