WLS-P08 Type II
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This copy of WLS-P08 Type I, variety P-1, was postally used from Paris, Ontario to England on August 6, 1900.
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This copy of WLS-P08 Type II, P-1 variety, is postally used from Canada to Somerville Massachusetts USA, with a Boston transit cancel and a Somerville receiver.
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This copy of WLS-P08 Type II, variety P-2, is postally unused, showing the business card variety lacking the Stamp Here and Private Post Card text.
WLS-P08 Type II⏐Business Use
Some businesses chose to use J.C. Wilson’s patriotic postcards for their business correspondence. Below is an example using the WLS-P08 Type II design.
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WLS-010 P-1 postally used from the USA to England with a NY RPO postmark dated Nov 30, 1903 and, on the reverse, a vignette of Niagara Falls and the text “Niagara Falls, Ontario” and “Cards Duplicated, M. Davis”

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WLS-P08⏐Other Use
Here is an example of a knock-off of the WLS-P08 design.
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A pair of examples of a knock-off of the Maple Leaf For Ever J.C. Wilson design, one used in 1905, the other unused.
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