WLS-P09 Type I
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An unused copy of a WLS-P09 Type I postcard.

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A copy of WLS-P09 Type I used from Victoria BC on August 21, 1902 to Nebraska, USA, with a Seattle Washington transit postmark dated August 22, 1902.

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A copy of WLS-P09 Type I used from Montreal on February 24, 1901 to Castres, France, with a Castres postmark dated March 1, 1901. The card bears a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp.

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A copy of WLS-P09 Type I used from Hamilton, Ontario by Florence M. Bell on August 12, with a Hamilton Flag “A” cancel. The card was mailed to Bastia, France, and bears a 1¢ QV Numeral stamp. Note that the pre-printed text “Private Post Card” has been struck through and handwritten text “Printed Matter” added to avoid the additional 1¢ of postage that this destination would otherwise require.

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This example of a WLS-P09 Type I “Soldiers of the Queen” design has been postally used April 17, 1902 with a duplex cancel from Vancouver to E. Hutchinson Esq, Box 595, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands paying the UPU postcard rate with a pair of 1¢ QV Numeral no. 76.

While not a Boer War usage, this J.C. Wilson patriotic postcard is an interesting example of the feelings within Canada late in the Boer War.

A scarce destination, with an interesting note on the reverse, along with the May 7, 1902 Honolulu receiver cancellation. The note states:

Vancouver B.C.
17 Apr/02

Canada is getting ready another contingent for South Africa. If there’s any patriotic Britishers in Honolulu they had better come here and join.


In Kenneth Rowe’s The Postal History of the Canadian Contingents Anglo-Boer War, 1899–1902, he notes that recruiting began on April 15, 1902, two days before this postcard was sent, for four regiments of 509 men each. These regiments were to be known as:

3rd Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles
4th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles
5th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles
6th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles

The newly formed regiments departed from Halifax to South Africa on May 8th, May 17th and May 23rd, 1902.
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This example of a WLS-P09 Type I “Soldiers of the Queen” design has been used for business use by Ayre & Sons of St. John’s Newfoundland. It was mailed November 23, 1901 to Harbour Grace Newfoundland, and has a November 28 Harbour Grace receiving cancel. Use of J.C. Wilson cards within Newfoundland is quite scarce.
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A copy of WLS-P09 Type I used from Tatamagouche NS to Bass River NS on April 15, 1900. The reverse of the card has been printed for the business of E.C. McLellan & Co. of Tatamagouche NS.

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This example of a WLS-P09 Type I “Soldiers of the Queen” design has been used for business use by J.J. Turner & Sons, Sail, Tent, Awning & Flag M’f’rs of Peterborough, Ontario. The Boer War-themed pioneer patriotic postcard was postmarked with a Peterborough July 11, 1901 CDS cancel on the front, and bears a Lindsay, Ontario squared circle cancel of the same date on the reverse.

This is not the only example of a J.C. Wilson patriotic used by J.J. Turner & Sons for their business. A copy of a WLS-P10 Soldiers of the Queen Redesign card was sold by auction in June 1987 by Jim Hennok. That card was postmarked July 20, 1901, 9 days after this card was used.
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This example of a WLS-P09 Type I “Soldiers of the Queen” design has been postally used, postmarked January 11, 1900, promoting the candidacy of Col A.A. Stevenson for Montreal West Ward Alderman. Check out the similar WLS-002 card for the same candidate in the 1898 election.
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This card back illustrates the back of an unused copy of WLS-P09 Type I with a rare example of a patriotic song printed on the postcard back. J.C. Wilson produced several postcard designs with song backs, however, they are quite scarce.