While not a Boer War usage, this J.C. Wilson WLS-012 Soldiers of the Queen Type I patriotic postcard is an interesting example of the feelings within Canada late in the Boer War.

The card was mailed from Vancouver B.C. on April 17, 1902 to Honolulu, Hawaii, a scarce destination for a Wilson patriotic, where it was stamped with a Honolulu receiving cancellation dated May 7, 1902.

At right, the reverse of the cover shows a note from the sender reading:

Vancouver B.C.
17 Apr/02
Canada is getting ready another
contingent for South Africa. If there’s
any patriotic Britishers in Honolulu
they had better come here and join.

In Kenneth Rowe’s The Postal History of the Canadian Contingents Anglo-Boer War, 1899–1902, he notes that recruiting began on April 15, 1902, two days before this postcard was sent, for four regiments of 509 men each. These regiments were to be known as:

3rd Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles
4th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles
5th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles
6th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles

The newly formed regiments departed from Halifax to South Africa on May 8th, May 17th and May 23rd, 1902.
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