WLS-P02 Type I
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Above, WLS-P02 P-1
Postmarked January 31, 1898 (received in Yarmouth)
Addressed to Geo. R. Earle of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Addressed to Geo. R. Earle of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, the card was used by Thos. Wallace, a representative of J.C. Wilson & Co., to announce his forthcoming visit to Yarmouth for the purposes of representing the company’s products. Note that the card reverse has printed date of January 3, 1898, suggesting this may be around the first date of release of this new design, with J.C. Wilson using the card as a calling card for its representatives presenting the latest wares.

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Below, a second example, also addressed in Thomas Wallace’s handwriting, mailed February 26, 1898 from Truro to DS Fraser of New Glasgow. Collecting further examples would allow for the J.C. Wilson & Co. salesman’s travel itinerary to be traced along his route. Note that this second card back appears nearly identical to the previous example, except for the receiving postmark, suggesting the sales rep filled out a stack of these cards in one sitting.
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WLS-002 P-3

The design of this variety is the same as variation P-2, however P-3 is printed on thick card stock.

Hand dated June 1, 1899, this card is postmarked June 1899, Ottawa, addressed to Mrs. J. Boyde of Victoria B.C. from her son Mike, who purchased the card while on a visit to Montreal. Below, the reverse of the card showing an inscription reading “What is the matter with this little Flag?” and the address & date “Montreal, 189 ” with the closing text “Yours truly, “

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The P-4 variety

This card is perhaps the rarest of the varieties identified by Henry Gates. The stamp box in the shape of a perforated stamp was thought to be unique by Gates, however, a second copy has subsequently been reported. This card was mailed September 18, 1899 from Yarmouth NS to Rhode Island USA. The card pictured here was formerly in the collection of Henry Gates.

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Above, WLS-P02 P-5, dated February 13, 1899

Note this variety omits the stamp box.

Below, back of card

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Above, WLS-P02 P-8

Note this variety provides an ad on the back of the card for J.C. Wilson & Co.

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Above, WLS-P02 P-9

This variety provides rounded ends for the uncoloured address fields, rather than square ends, and lacks an uncoloured stamp box.

Below, back of card

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WLS-P02⏐Business Use

A number of businesses chose to use J.C. Wilson’s patriotic postcards for their business use. Below are examples using the WLS-P02 Type I design.
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Postmarked January 20, 1898 with a Montreal Flag cancel

The back of this card shows a printed solicitation to vote for Col. A.A. Stevenson as alderman for West Ward. The printed note states "The Father of the City Council" and "Nearly a quarter year of faithful and efficient service" and "Our Fire Brigade is a monument to his untiring energy". It was issued by A.C. Hutchison, Chairman of Committee, 1730 Notre Dame Street, Telephone 2771.

It is interesting to note that J.C. Wilson served two terms as Alderman for the St. Lawrence Ward of Montreal and was elected MP for Argenteuil in 1887. Perhaps Col. Stevenson's solicitation to vote printed on a J.C. Wilson patriotic postcard was paying his respect to another Montreal politician, who at that time was still alive (J.C. Wilson died in 1899), or perhaps this patriotic postcard was seen as an appropriate message for someone vying for political office, and cast Stevenson in a favourable light Stevenson was past president of The St. Andrew's Society of Montreal in 1878-1879.

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Above, WLS-P02 P-1
Postmarked St. Andrews, NB, April 18, 1899

Addressed to Vroom Bros, St. Stephens NB, the card was by Wren’s Drug Store of St. Andrews NB.

Below, the front of the card.

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This J.C. Wilson patriotic postcard is a P-8 variation, showing a late use of their salesman’s calling card, written from Truro, NS, with a Truro squared circle postmark dated February 1, 1900, to Lawrencetown NS. This card, which advertises their wares, also advises of an upcoming appointment from their salesman Thos. Wallace. Thomas Wallace had previously used a customized WLS-002 printed card, pictured above as P-1, dated January 3, 1898 in previous business calls.
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A copy of WLS-P02 Type I used privately by C.R. Crowley of Sect. 6th Fusiliers Band, 10½ Berthelet St. on February 9, 1898, to advise band members of a band performance February 17th, 1898 at McGill Skating Rink.

Below, the front of the card.
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Above, WLS-002 P- back, with printing for Queen’s Hotel.

Below, the front of the card.

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WLS-002 P-5 back, with printing for The Yarmouth Herald.

Below, the front of the card.

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WLS-002 P-5 back, with printing for G.H. Lanigan.

Below, the front of the card.

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WLS-P02⏐Other Interesting Uses

Examples of other interesting WLS-P02 Type I design postcards.
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WLS-P01 Type II — June 22, 1897

This WLS-P01 Type II card is hand dated June 22, 1897. A partial squared circle cancel, presumably from Halifax, remains after a Jubilee stamp fell off or was removed. The card is addressed to Mrs. Walter. Palfrey, Lawrencetown, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. This date would have placed this card on the third day after the release of the Jubilee stamps. This may be the earliest example of a J.C. Wilson patriotic postcard.

The reverse of the card is shown below.

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WLS-P01 Type II — June 23, 1897

This WLS-P01 Type II card is postmarked with a Montreal Flag “C” cancel dated June 23, 1897, and bears a 1¢ Jubilee stamp, mailed to Arnprior, Ontario,