The Maple Leaf For Ever Type II cover pictured above was mailed from British Army Field Post Office Capetown Base Office in South Africa to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on May 13, 1901 from an unidentified Canadian Sergeant. It was mailed using a 1 penny Cape of Good Hope stamp at the 1d soldiers’ concession rate for mail to Postal Union countries. It was received in Sydney four weeks later on June 10.

With Song Back 11, and an inscription type vi (Nelson Lodge), this cover was unknown to Henry Gates, and is designated here as E-6. Since initial Maple Leaf For Ever covers sent to the war bearing the Nelson Lodge inscription were Type I, it suggests that Nelson Lodge continued in their support of Canadian soldiers in the Boer War with a follow up donation of Type II covers at a later date.

At right, the reverse of the cover, showing a Sydney NSW receiving cancellation

The cover is illustrated as Figure 51 in Kenneth Rowe’s The Postal History of the Canadian Contingents Anglo-Boer War, 1899–1902, and was part of Kenneth Rowe’s collection at that time. It was later sold as part of Ed Richardson’s postal history collection in Charles Firby’s auction on November 13, 1991, and is ex. Colin Banfield. It is thought to be one of two usages to Australia.

A second example, shown below (image from eBay), of a use from the war to Wollongong, New South Wales, postmarked Phokwani Siding on August 12, 1901, and bearing a censor’s double ring cachet was sold on eBay in January 2012.

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