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WLS-P05 P-1 — Overseas Use

This example of a WLS-P05 P-1 card showing 7 red bars in the shield The card illustrates the use of a 2¢ Map stamp cancelled with a Victoria BC squared circle dated April 28, 1899. The card was mailed to Rotterdam Holland, and has a Rotterdam receiver.

Below, a detail of the 7 bars.

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WLS-P05 P-2 — ex. Colin Banfield

This WLS-005 P-2 postcard shows 8 red bars in the shield. It was postally used with a Sarnia, Ontario squared circle cancellation dated July 27, 1899, mailed to Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, USA, with a receiver. Below shows a detail of the 8 red bars.

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WLS-P05 P-1 — Business use

This WLS-P05 P-3 card is unused. Note the bars of the flag are continuous beneath the pair of stamps shown below. In cards P-1 & P-2, the bars are terminated to create a box for the application of the stamp. The version of the card without the stamp box also lacks the words "Private Post Card" which appear on the cards with the stamp box. This has been added to Gates' list of varieties, shown in red text in the table below. It may be an example of the “Business Card” version of this postcard, which was printed to allow 3rd party advertising on the card.

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WLS-P05⏐Business Use
Some businesses chose to use J.C. Wilson’s patriotic postcards for their business correspondence. Below are examples using the WLS-P05 design.
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Postmarked Peterborough, Ontario, October 29, 1898
Gates’ designation P-1

The back of the used card (below) shows the stamp of W. Kelsey Hall, Stamp and Coin Broker, Peterborough, Ontario "Buy, Sell or Exchange". He writes to W.C. White of Lewiston, Quebec, enquiring about the purchase of some stamps. He references the 10d stamp of 1857, noting he has 150 of them, "a very undesirable and overrated stamp, already in stock". The stamp he refers to goes by catalogue number 7, and is valued in the 2007 catalogue at upwards of $1,250 in fine used condition.

According to the New York Chapter of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, “W. Kelsey Hall of Peterborough, Ontario ... was considered to have one of the finer ... philatelic holdings in Canada in the 1890s. He began collecting in the mid-1880s and specialized in postmarks in addition to a holding of some 10,000 coins, many of which he picked up at auctions. He became a dealer in the mid-1890s.”

On the front of the card, (on the light bar below Private Post Card), you can see a very faint "We want GOOD ROADS" in the same ink as used on Mr. Hall's address on the rear of the card.

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This postally unused copy of a J.C. Wilson WLS-P05 Remember The Maine patriotic postcard was printed for by A.A. Palmer, Bookseller and Stationer, 1009 St. Catharine Street, Montreal for their business used.
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WLS-P05⏐Other Interesting Uses
Some other interesting uses of the WLS-P05 design.
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WLS-P05 P-1 Overseas Use

This WLS-P05 P-1 card was mailed from Brooklyn, NY, USA on March 17, 1899 to Saanen, Switzerland, and has a March 28 Saanen receiver. As shown (below) on the reverse of the card, the writer, Chas. A. Phildius, was seeking someone to exchange postcards with him.

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WLS-P05 P-1 Overseas Use

This WLS-P05 P-1 card was mailed from the USA to Valladolio, Spain, and has a July 2 1900 Valladolio receiver. The reverse of the card is shown below.

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Returned to Sender from New York City, December 20, 1901

This WLS-P05 J.C. Wilson & Co. “Remember the Maine” patriotic pioneer postcard has been mailed from Quebec City on December 16, 1901, with a 1¢ QV Numeral stamp to The Atlas Society in New York City. The card bears a rubber stamp noting “Returned to Sender, Cannot Be Forwarded” dated December 20, 1901. The card bears a December 21, 1901 Quebec City postmark upon its return.

Below, the reverse of the card.

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