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An unused cover front

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The blank back of the WLS-E05 design

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An example of song back 5 used with this cover design.

Other Interesting Uses
Some other interesting uses of J.C. Wilson’s E-05 patriotic envelopes.
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A cover mailed from Toronto on September 7, 1898 to Chicago with a block of 6—½ QV Leaf stamps.

The reverse illustrates a Red Ensign patriotic sticker to seal the envelope.

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Mailed from Quebec City to Paris, France on May 13, 1899, with a 2¢ Map Stamp and a 3¢ Jubilee.

Ex. the collection of Hugh Westgate

Below, the reverse showing use by J.O. Filteau

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Mailed from Montreal September 20, 1898 to Norfolk, England with 2—1¢ QV Leafs and a 3¢ QV Numeral for the 5¢ postal rate of the day.

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Mailed from Guelph, Ontario to Durham County, England via New York, bearing a 2¢ Map stamp, and a Hamilton Flag B transit cancel dated April 13, 1899, and, on the reverse, a Sonderland receiver dated April 23, 1899.

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Mailed to Medford Mass. USA from Montreal on May 10, 1900, bearing 7¢ postage including 2—½ QV Leaf stamps, a 1¢ QV Numeral, and a 5¢ QV Numeral, with a range of cancels and registered markings, including Boston & Medford registry markings.

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Mailed from Toronto with a Flag C cancel on February 22, 1899 to Gloucester, Mass, USA, with a February 23, 1899 receiving cancel.

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