WLS-P02 Type II
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Above, WLS-P02 Type II P-1
Not postally used

The card shows PPC No. 2 and a Stamp Box with omitted text, and a missing Printer’s Imprint, as is the nature of this P-1 variety.

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Above, WLS-P02 Type II P-2

Postally used from Toronto with a Toronto Flag D cancel on a 1¢ QV Numeral to Sussex N.B. on September 24, 1898 to C.W. Stockton Esq. Note the two line attribution at the bottom of the address box.

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WLS-002 P-3

The design of this variety is the same as variation P-2, however P-3 has a single line printer’s attribution rather than the two lines of P-2.

This card has been mailed August 2, 1902 from Digby NS to Hazleton Pennsylvania.

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The P-4 variety

The variation above shows Imprint B and PPC/stamp box no. 9, not known to Gates, designated here as P-4.

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Above, WLS-P02 Type II P-5

Note this variety omits the “Private Post Card” text and the Stamp Box, consistent with a business card printing of the postcard. J.C. Wilson & Co. would print custom printing on the cards for 75¢ per thousand or less impressions.

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Above, WLS-P02 Type II P-7

Note this variety provides the “Private Post Card” text but omits stamp box, as well as omitting the attribution line.

Below, a used version.

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The card has been postally used from Petrolea, Ontario to England and bears a pair of 1¢ QV Numeral stamps cancelled with a pair of Petrolea squared circle cancellations dated May 30, 1898.

The reverse of the card carries a lengthy story of the writer “going to camp” on June 7th, and names the people serving as Sergeant and 2nd Lieutenant, and some Privates of acquaintance of the receiver of the card. The camp will be shared with the Waterloo Garrison, many of whom are Germans, and there will be a lot of beer. The writer also describes a baseball game to be played that day in Petrolea against the U of T team, and names members of the teams. Quite a lengthy essay.
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Below, an example of a WLS-P02 Type II P-7 card bearing a Map stamp cancelled December 26, 1898 with a CDS Morris Street Halifax cancellation, mailed to the USA.
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WLS-P02⏐Business Use

A number of businesses chose to use J.C. Wilson’s patriotic postcards for their business use. Below are examples using the WLS-P02 Type I design.
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Above, unused, with printing “Royal Hotel, J. Sproat, --- Proprietor, Binscarth” on front showing an ad for the Royal Hotel in Binscarth Manitoba.
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Postmarked August 24, 1900 with a Hamilton Flag “B” cancel

The back of this card shows printed text reading:

14 James St. North,
Hamilton, Ontario, Aug. 23, 1900.

Dear Madam:

We have much pleasure in giving you a cordial invitation to be present at the opening of our establishment on Saturday next, August 25th, when we will show a beautiful assortment of New Fall Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Millinery, Costumes, Mantles, Men’s Furnishings, Notions, etc., etc.

We are
Yours respectfully,

The Frederick W. Watkins Co.

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This J.C. Wilson patriotic postcard shows an August 4, 1898 dated calling card for Mr. C.E. Ferrand of The Canadian Drug Co. Ltd., wholesale druggists, of 60 & 62 Prince William Street, St. John, NB.
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Below, the back of a WLS-003 P-3 postcard with a memo from Russell & Co. Booksellers, Stationers, News Agents, Fancy Goods, Toys, Cameras, of 504 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The postcard notes that:


Offering J.C. Wilson patriotics to the company’s customers. The card was mailed to R. Davidson, Esq., Manager, Imperial Bank, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and has a partial Winnipeg CDS (stamp removed), and a Prince Albert receiver dated October 18, 1898.
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Postmarked Montreal with Flag A on May 21, 1900, with printing, “Evans Brothers, Coal Merchants” on the back, with a longer text (also dated May 21, 1900).
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Above, front of P-3, postmarked July 2, 1898, with a Southampton receiver and an indistinct Winona squared circle cancellation on a 1¢ QV Numeral stamp, printed on the front with:

The Helderleigh Fruit Farms and Nurseries
Winona, Ont.
400 Acres Devoted to Growing Nursery Stock & Fruit.
Headquarters in Canada for the highest grade and quality of Nursery Stock.
Also the “Sterling” Brand of Fruit. The best brand of fresh fruit packed in Canada.

Below, the reverse of the card, sent by E.D. Smith. E.D. Smith began growing fruit in Winona in the 1880s, which led to the establishment of a large Canadian food processing company. After 125 years of Canadian ownership, the company was sold to American interests in 2007.

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Above, the reverse of a WLS-003 P-1 card advertising coal for W.M. Knowles & Co. of Montreal. While postally used, the cancellation is not dated, however, the printing on the ad shows May 1898. Note the cost of the coal, at $5.50 per ton, delivered and placed in bins.

Below, the front of the card.

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Above, the reverse of the card, showing advisement from Wm. Reed & Co., Customs & Forwarding Agents, 209 Commissioners Street, Montreal to the Protestant Hospital that a shipment of stoves had arrived by rail and is awaiting pickup.

Below, the front of the card postally used December 29, 1898 with a Montreal flag cancel on a 1¢ QV Numeral
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Above, an M. Davis hand stamp on the back of a J.C. Wilson WLS-P02 Type II P-3 postcard, with M. Davis’s scenic view of Niagara Falls along with the text “Niagara Falls, Canada” and “SOUVENIR”. M. Davis was a prolific publisher of scenic views of Niagara Falls on a range of different J.C. Wilson patriotic postcards. The hand stamp on this card bears the text:

M. Davis,
Tintypes & Photographs
Both Falls in the Background
Fancy Goods and Souvenir Postal Cards.
Niagara Falls Centre, Ont.

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Above, an an example of a J.C. Wilson WLS-P02 Type II P-1 postcard, with the text “The London Daily News, London, Canada”. The card was mailed to the Salvation Army, Clarence Square, City with a 1¢ QV Leaf stamp with a London three ring cancel dated June 2, 1898. The reverse of the card, shown below, bears the text:

London, Canada, June 2, 1898.
The London Daily News celebrates to-day the
opening of its 3rd year.
Two thousand (2,000) new subscribers, and an increase
of 40 per cent. in advertising, mark the growth of the paper
in twelve months.
To its friends and patrons the News returns its sincerest
thanks for past favors.

The London Daily News is credited by the American Newspaper Directory, of New York,
with the largest circulation of any daily paper in Ontario outside of Toronto. Two Editions daily.
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WLS-P02⏐Other Interesting Uses

Examples of other interesting WLS-P02 Type II design postcards.
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A P-2 version of the card. This particular card was mailed from Niagara Falls, Ontario, August 15, 1899, to Germany, and has a Hamilton transit stamp the same day, and a Randegg, Germany receiver August 30th. The card bears a pair of QV Numeral 1899 2¢ Provisionals, no. 88, and a QV single 1¢, no. 75. The 2¢ provisionals have an ERD of July 31, 1899, just over two weeks before this card was mailed.

The card was overprinted for business use by Hotel La Fayette Bazaar, F. LeBlond, Proprietor. The message on the card is written in German.
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This J.C. Wilson patriotic was used from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Herr Consul Heinze, Nicaragua German Consulate, Central America on July 25, 1900, arriving on August 18, with a double oval Corinto receiving cancellation.

Founded in 1863, modern day Corinto has a population of 17,000. Located on the northwest Pacific coast of Nicaragua, it was a railroad terminus and is Nicaragua's largest Pacific port. On May 2, 1896 U.S. Marines land in Corinto to protect U.S. interests in an ongoing series of military interventions that began in 1853.

The card, WLS-003 P-3, bears a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp, and is written on the back in German. This is a rare J.C. Wilson destination.
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Above, a near immaculate copy of a J.C. Wilson WLS-P02 Type II P-7

Mailed from Berlin, Ontario on June 17, 1899 to Bern, Switzerland with receiving cancel dated June 29, 1899. Mailed a 2¢ Map Stamp, catalogue no. 86.

This variety, with no printer’s imprint and a Stamp Box type 13 (uncoloured “Private” and “Post Card” and omitted “Stamp Here”) was unknown to Henry Gates, and is designated here as WLS-003 P-7. A scarce destination for a J.C. Wilson patriotic on an uncommon variety, with a scarce stamp.

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This WLS-P02 Type II card has been posted December 21, 1901 with a 2¢ Jubilee stamp mailed from Saint John N.B. to Liverpool, England with a Liverpool Packet Boat cancel dated January 2. The image has been altered slightly in the area of the Packet Boat cancel in order to enhance legibility of the scarce Packet Boat cancel on a J.C. Wilson patriotic.
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Above, WLS-P02 Type II P-3, postmarked Dec 20, 1900, mailed to England with four ½¢ Queen Victoria "Numeral Issue" stamps, catalogue no. 74
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This copy of WLS-P02 Type II postcard has been mailed on February 6, 1900 with a 1¢ Jubilee stamp by J.B. Harper of 26 Palace Street, Brantford, Ontario to Captain Stitt of Princeton, Ontario.

Captain James Stitt of No. 4 Company, 22nd Battalion The Oxford Rifles (which was redesignated 3 months after this card was written on 8 May 1900 as the 22nd Regiment The Oxford Rifles), was a Private in the 22nd Battalion when he received the Canada General Service Medal for his role in the Fenian Raids in 1866. Harper asks Captain Stitt if Stitt could send him Harper’s medal, as he read in the newspaper that the medals had just come in. While the details of the medal are not mentioned, this may be a Boer-War-related medal.
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J.C. Wilson WLS-P02 Type II P-1

Sent from Toronto to Columbia, South Carolina, USA with a 1¢ Jubilee stamp postmarked July 14, 1898 with a Toronto Flag B cancellation.

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This WLS-P02 Type II P-3 J.C. Wilson patriotic was used within England to Miss Hazelgrove, 2 Markham St. Kings Road, Chelsea, London, S.W., with a cancellation dated March 10, 1900, with a QV Jubilee Issue halfpenny vermilion no. 111 stamp.
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Above, a WLS-P02 Type II P-3 J.C. Wilson patriotic was used within England to Hon’ble Lady Higginson, Gylderns-croft, Marlow, Bucks, with a Broadstairs Station Office B.O. cancellation dated May 22, 1900, with a QV Jubilee Issue halfpenny vermilion no. 111 stamp.
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This WLS-P02 Type II P-6 J.C. Wilson patriotic was used within England to Master Cosmo Russell, 11 The Crescent, Alverstoke, with a South Kensington S.W. cancellation dated April 26, 1900, with a QV Jubilee Issue halfpenny vermilion no. 111 stamp.

This variety, with neither the uncoloured stamp box or the “Private Post Card”, text is consistent with a business card printing of the card, but unadorned with additional text.