A series of books and articles have been written over the years on the subject of J.C. Wilson Patriotics, some of which are listed below, with some annotations:

• "Canadian Patriotics and Related Boer War Covers", by Edward N. Richardson. Stamp Specialist—Gray Book. H.L. Lindquist. 1943. pp. 68-78
This is a lengthy article on the historical context and origins of Canadian Patriotics from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee through the Boer War period. In addition to other material, it contains illustrations of seven of the Wilson designs, half a dozen song backs, and a checklist of post cards and envelopes. It also contains a bibliography citing earlier sources.

• Philately of the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902, by Stephen G. Rich. Chambers Publishing Company. 1943.
While this book has extensive material devoted to Boer War philately, it mentions Canadian patriotic covers only in passing, with a brief description, in Chapter 8, of a Soldiers of the Queen Type 2 cover in the author’s collection, and a page in chapter 14 devoted to Canadian patriotic covers.

• "Check List, Canadian Patriotic Covers of the Boer War Period, 1898-1900", by Ian C. Morgan. BNA Topics, Vol. 2, No. 10, Whole No. 19. pp. 76-77. October 1945.
Using his own collection as reference, Ian Morgan assembled a revised listing of J.C. Wilson patriotics after seeing Ed Richardson’s list in the Stamp Specialist “Grey Book”. The article is available on-line at BNAPS Topics.

• "Canadian Patriotic Covers Boer War Period", by Edward N. Richardson. The American Philatelist. Vol. 64, No. 12, pp. 956-960. 1951.
This article is noted as a supplement to Ed Richardson’s 1943 Gray Book article, and shows a WLS-006 postcard used in the USA, as well as a WLS-001 card used to Haiti dated August 30, 1897. He also shows a God Save the Queen & a Soldiers of the Queen Redesign cover not previously noted in his list.

• Pioneer Post Cards, by J.R. Burdick. pp. 94-95, 163. Published in 1956, republished in reprint edition in 1963 by Nostalgia Press. New York, N.Y. USA
The book lists seven different Wilson patriotic post cards, along with two of Wilson’s sports series. The catalogue numbers assigned to these cards will still sometimes be used to describe them, as the book was widely read, particularly in the USA.

• "Canadian Illustrated Covers" by E. L. Piggott. BNA Topics. Volume 14 No. 1 Whole No. 142. p. 18. January 1957
This article contains an image of “The Queen” cover used by Montreal’s Hotel Carslake for advertising. Available on-line.

• "Canada: Patriotics, The Wilson Series", by Henry Gates. Twenty-Third American Philatelic Congress. Original Papers on Philatelic Themes, presented October 4, 5 and 6, 1957. Norfolk, Virginia, USA. pp. 107-124
The most extensive study of J.C. Wilson patriotics that I have encountered. Highly recommended for any J.C. Wilson collector.

• The Canadian Flag Cancellation Handbook, by Ed Richardson, A Handbook of the British North America Philatelic Society, Mission Press, Toronto, May 1974.
In addition to providing extensive information on flag cancels, Ed Richardson uses a couple of J.C. Wilson covers to illustrate this book, including an exceptional “Well Done” cover with a J.C. Wilson & Company corner cover ad.

• The Postal History of the Post Card in Canada, by Allan L. Steinhart. Mission Press, Toronto. 1979.
As part of his study, Allan Steinhart uses five different Wilson cards to illustrate his book.

• Canada—B.N.A. Philately (an Outline), by Ed Richardson, O.T.B., F.R.P.S.C. Published by the British North America Philatelic Society, 1981.
As part of an introduction to the wide world of BNA philately, Ed Richardson illustrates seven of the J.C. Wilson designs as part of his chapter on Patriotic Cards and Covers.

• "Canadian Patriotic Stationery, South African War Period", by Kenneth Rowe. Canadian Philatelist, Vol. 31, No. 4. Whole No. 179. pp. 217-222. July-August 1980.
An article by Kenneth Rowe that sets the stage for his book (listed below). Available on-line, the article includes illustrations and a checklist of J.C. Wilson cards and covers drawn extensively from Kenneth Rowe’s collection.

• The Postal History of the Canadian Contingents, Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902, by Kenneth Rowe. Published by The Vincent G. Greene Philatelic Research Foundation, Handbook No. 1, 1981.
In addition to the content contained in his article above, Kenneth Rowe provides additional J.C. Wilson illustrations in his book, as well as covering the much broader scope of Boer War philately.

• "The Canadian Connection with St. Helena", by C.R. McGuire. BNA Topics, Vol. 38, No. 4, Whole No. 384. pp. 16-23. July-August 1981.
Contains an illustration of a J.C. Wilson “Well Done” cover mailed to Scotland January 9, 1901.

• "Patriotic postcards", by Jon W. Rose. Stamp Collector. pp. 16-17. February 1, 1986.
Describes a copy of a J.C. Wilson WLS-010 postcard bearing an improper late use of a Map stamp mailed to Montreal from Quebec, postmarked August 13, 1900. The postcard from the Scott Harnsberger Collection sold in the March 2012 Ron Leith auction for $437.

• The Evolution of Imperial Penny Postage and Postal History of the Canadian 1898 Map Stamp. by R.B. Winmill, 1982. Published by Mission Press, Toronto.
Contains five illustrations of J.C. Wilson cards and covers postally used with the 1898 Map Stamp.

• The Canadian Picture Postcard Catalogue 1992, by W. Gutzman., 1992. Published by The Unitrade Press, Toronto.
This book lists many picture postcards, including patriotic postcards prior to 1904. Gutzman refers to the Seven Postcard Period System, and lists cards from Period 1 (1871-1899) including those of J.C. Wilson. Gutzman includes pricing for J.C. Wilson postcards, current to the 1992 publication date of the book.

• Canadian Participation in the Anglo-Boer War, An Exhibit Prepared By Wm. G. Robinson, O.T.B., 1995. Published by the British North America Philatelic Society Ltd. (new edition 2011)
This exhibit features three copies of Wilson covers, The Maple Leaf Forever, Types I & II, and What We’ll Have We’ll Hold Type I, all used in association with the Boer War.

• Early Canada Post Cards 1871-1911 by George B. Arfken. Published by the British North America Philatelic Society Ltd., 2004.
Contains a couple of illustrations of J.C. Wilson postcards, including a postage due WLS-007 to England and a postage due WLS-003 to France.

• A Canadian Postal History 1897-1911: The Maple Leaf, Numeral, and King Edward Era, by George B. Arfken and William S. Pawluk. Published by the British North America Philatelic Society, May 2006.
This book contains a number of J.C. Wilson examples, including Fig. 19, “The Queen” E-3 cover used to advertise Presto House in North Sydney, Fig. 33 Maple Leaf Forever Type I sent on active service from South Africa, and Figs. 126-128, 187, 231, 249-251, 325-327.

• “The J.C. Wilson Patriotic Covers and Cards”, by George B. Arfken and William S. Pawluk. The Canadian Philatelist. Vol. 58 No. 6, pp. 334–336. November/December 2007.
This article was adapted from the above book, and consolidates some of the J.C. Wilson information scattered throughout the book.

• Canadian Patriotics – J.C. Wilson & Company, An Exhibit Prepared by Larry R. Paige. BNAPS Exhibit Series No. 66. Published by the British North America Philatelic Society Ltd., March 2012.
A 75 page book reproducing the J.C. Wilson collection of Larry Paige as presented at BNAPEX 1996 in Fort Worth, Texas. The exhibit won a Silver award with Felicitations of the Jury, and illustrates many of the varieties of patriotic postcards and envelopes that J.C WIlson published, along with collateral material such as company letterhead.

• The Postal History of The Canadian Participation in the South African War, 1899–1902. BNAPS Exhibit Series No. 73. Published by the British North America Philatelic Society Ltd., July 2013.
A 106 page book reproducing an exhibit by Joachim R. Frank, RDPSA FRPSL. The exhibit has won a number of medals, and illustrates a wide variety of material related to the Canadian presence in the Boer War, including six examples of J.C. Wilson covers used locally in the war, and to Australia and Canada.

• The Canadian Patriotic & Heraldic Postcard Handbook 1897 - 1945, Volume 2. by Michael J. Smith. Published July 2014 by the author.
A must-have reference to Canadian Patriotic Postcards, the numbering system used in Mike Smith’s book has been used for the J.C. Wilson postcards found on this site. This latest edition supersedes Mike Smith’s 2003 postcard checklist.

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