The subindex shown below the main Collections menu lists collections of J.C. Wilson patriotic postcards, covers and other material. Have a collection you’d like to present? Contact me.

Boer War Usage
This collection demonstrates examples of material used to and from the Boer War, and in close association with the war.
The Colin Banfield Collection
This very fine collection of J.C. Wilson patriotics was formed over the course of 40 years of collecting by well known British collector Colin G. Banfield, F.C.P.S., until he decided in the fall of 2010 that it was time for the fruits of his efforts to be enjoyed by another collector.
The collection contains a number of gems, from very rare items from the collections of Henry Gates, Ed Richardson, Allan Steinhart, and others, through a unique Boer War usage, fascinating, and in some cases, unique, foreign usages, and usages from Canada to foreign destinations. Enjoy his fine presentation of his collection by clicking on the Collections menu subindex.