WLS-P06 Type II
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Above, WLS-P06 Type II P-1

The card shows PPC No. 4 and imprint C, as is the nature of this P-1 variety.

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Above, WLS-P02 Type II P-2

Gates identified 2 versions of this card with different J.C. Wilson ads on the reverse. See the section below for both examples.

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WLS-002 P-3

The design of this variety is the same as variation P-1, however P-3 has uncoloured mats above the lion’s head.

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The P-4 variety

The variation above shows Imprint C and no stamp box or Private Post Card text, not known to Gates, reflecting the standard business card printing, designated here as P-4.

WLS-P06 Type II⏐Business Use by J.C. Wilson & Co.

J.C. Wilson used their patriotic postcards for their own business use. Below are examples using the WLS-P06 Type II design.
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Above, the reverse of the card showing J.C. Wilson’s Patriotic Business Envelope product line, and advising that “…an exact copy of our Post Cards, which promise to be very popular with the commercial community”. The patriotic post cards were well established before J.C. Wilson began shipping patriotic envelopes.

Below, the front of the card.
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Above, a J.C. Wilson & Co. advertisement back on a WLS-P06 Type II postcard, showing a prices of postcards and envelopes.

WLS-P06 Type II⏐Business Use

A number of businesses chose to use J.C. Wilson’s patriotic postcards for their business use. Below are examples using the WLS-P06 Type II design.
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An interesting card with an image of Niagara Falls, a souvenir of Niagara Falls Ontario. Mailed August 16, 1898. Below, the front of the card.
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An ad for T.B. Barker & Sons, Wholesale Druggists, of St. John, NB, dated October 29th, 1898.
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A business use from the Toronto News Company, responding to a request to discontinue a subscription, dated Jan 6, 1899 (corrected from 1898).
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An unused card printed for Clarke Bros., Lumber Exporters, General Merchants, Bear River, NS.
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Overprinted with a rubber stamp (on front & back) by Falls Brothers Agents of Amherstburg, ON, postally used August 12, 1900.
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An ad for Kerby’s of Sarnia, Ontario, advising of a Big Sale of Dress Goods & Silks.
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A calling card notification from Lawrence Miller, with Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co., Piano & Organ Materials, New York.
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A card from G.M. Farrington, Merchant Tailor, of Picton, Ontarioake, dated November 15, 1898.

WLS-P06 Type II⏐Other Interesting Uses

Examples of other interesting WLS-P06 Type II design postcards.
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This particular card was mailed from Windsor, Ontario to Cape Town, South Africa, and has a receiving stamp. The card bears a two 1¢ QV Numeral stamps. The reverse below.
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Mailed from Toronto with a Flag B cancel, July 4, 1898 to Detoit, Michigan with a late use of a 2¢ Jubilee stamp.
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Mailed July 9, 1900, within England.
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Mailed from Boston with a 5¢ stamp to Marseilles, France, September 27, 1898.