The Maple Leaf For Ever Type I cover pictured below was mailed from G.P.O. Capetown to Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England on March 9, 1901, and received in Kidderminster on March 31, 1901.

At right, the reverse of the cover, with inscription Type vi, with text:

“These envelopes supplied gratis, for free distribution to CANADIAN SOLDIERS in, and going to South Africa, by Nelson Lodge, Sons of England, Almonte, Ont., Canada”

This envelope type, unknown to Henry Gates, has been designated here as type E-3. This inscription has also found on a Maple Leaf For Ever Type II cover.

Other examples seen include a copy to England with a Cape Colony postmark, and a copy used locally within Capetown by a member of the New South Wales Contingent.

A spectacular usage to Halifax with an FPO postmark and Canadian Contingent handstamp dated June 6, 1900, (shown below, from an eBay sale) and cleverly illustrated with hand-made ink drawings by the sender has also been noted.

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