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WLS-P04 P-1 — Unused

This example of a WLS-P04 P-1 card is unused.

Below, a detail of the attribution line on the card, which has been truncated on this printing.

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WLS-P04 to USA

This WLS-004 P-1 postcard is postally used with a Lindsay, Ontario squared circle cancellation dated November 28, 1898, mailed to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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WLS-P05 P-1 — Business use

This WLS-P05 P-3 card is unused. Note the bars of the flag are continuous beneath the pair of stamps shown below. In cards P-1 & P-2, the bars are terminated to create a box for the application of the stamp. The version of the card without the stamp box also lacks the words "Private Post Card" which appear on the cards with the stamp box. This has been added to Gates' list of varieties, shown in red text in the table below. It may be an example of the “Business Card” version of this postcard, which was printed to allow 3rd party advertising on the card.

Inspired by WLS-P04?
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This example shows what may be either an example of J.C. Wilson customizing their postcard for the US market, or someone ripping off their design. The card appears identical in design to the standard card except that the word “Mailing” has been added between “Private” and “Post Card”, and the additional text “Authorized by an Act of Congress May 19, 1898” and “THIS SIDE IS FOR ADDRESS ONLY.” The J.C. Wilson attribution has also been removed, and the colour of the Old Glory text has changed from blue to red.

The card has been postally used from Worcester Mass. to Southbridge Mass. on December 26, 1904.

Below, the reverse of the card.
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