Patriotic Letterhead, Stationery, J.C. Wilson Business Covers
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Notepaper with Patriotic Letterhead

J.C. Wilson produced notepaper with patriotic letterhead matching some of the patriotic envelopes the company issued. The only copy I have in my collection is shown above, ex. the collection of Colin Banfield.

Another keen collector of J.C. Wilson material has a copy of the Maple Leaf Forever notepaper in his collection, but has come across copies of several other designs up for auction, and was kind enough to share some of the scans from the auction listings, pictured below. If you might be the collector who won that auction, or if you have other examples you’d like to share, please let me know.

Below, scans from the auction

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The cover below was postmarked on June 26, 1897 with a Montreal Type 4-3 Diamond Jubilee Flag cancellation on a 3¢ Jubilee stamp, dispatched to Amherst, NS, with a receiving mark on the back. The cover lists a number of J.C. Wilson products and matches that used on the 1896 cover J.C. Wilson & Co. cover.
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J.C. Wilson used a range of company letterhead over the decades that they were in operation. Click on the image above to see further examples.

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Here, an ad for the new “Soldiers of the Queen” patriotic postcards and envelopes by J.C. Wilson & Co., Paper Makers, Montreal is shown. The ad, printed on paper, was likely sent to merchants who were vendors of the Wilson series of patriotics.

J.C. Wilson also advertised in trade journals, including The Canadian Printer & Publisher, and Dominion Illustrated Monthly, as shown below.

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The image below shows a J.C. Wilson & Co. ad that ran in a special 1891 issue of Dominion Illustrated Monthly, “The Leading Canadian Home Monthly” periodical of its day. This issue was devoted to Montreal, as “the Commercial Metropolis of Canada”.

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J.C. Wilson & Co. appears to have provided merchants who were their customers with the option of purchasing J.C. Wilson-branded paper cutters from the company for use in cutting rolls of paper in their shops. The tag above is mounted on one such paper cutter. The image below shows the paper cutter in profile.

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